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    1981 Interviews with Utrok,

Wotje & Rongelap Downwinders

   Note: The interviews in this section of the website

   span between 1981-2002.  Most of these SoundCloud

   interviews are in Marshallese, with selected interviews 

   transcribed into EnglishAll of the SoundCloud inter-

   views for 2002 are in English.

   [Scroll down for selected English transcriptions]   

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Rojmi Katwon--1976----SMALL.jpg

Rojmi Katwon,

   Utrok 1977


Alex Katwon, Utrok 1977

Utrik woman 3.jpg

Nerik Kios, Utrok, 1977


Compoj Letobo setting a

fish trap ["wu"] on the reef in 1977 on Utrok


Jiba Mikol Letobo 

      Utrok 1977    


Mikol Letobo, Utrok 1977

Libtu - Utrik - 1977-------SMALL.jpg

Libtu Mexico, Utrok 1977

andy mor - tibnol - utrik - 1976.jpg

Andy Mor, building a paddling

canoe [kerker], Utrok 1977


Almira Yostami, Utrok 1977

Utrik Women's Choir II-------SMALL.jpg

Utrok Women's Choir 1977

Ahoy maties.jpg

A Marshallese sailing outrigger ["tibnol"] about to depart Utrok,

1977. Much larger versions of the "tibnol" brought the first Marshall Islanders to these islands over

2,000 years ago from S.E. Asia

alden atady - utrik - 1976.jpg

Alden Attadi, Utrok 1977

  Featured English interviews of selected downwinders

  from the above SoundCloud list.  These interviews will

                  open in either PDF or MS Word format

Almira Matayoshi-Rongelap.jpg
Eldon Juda.jpg

Eldon Juda,


Minji Kel 1.jpg
john anjain.jpg
Utrik funeral 1 wake.jpg

A wake for an eight month-old child born to parents caught in the "Bravo" fallout on March 1, 1954. 

                                                                                     Utrok, May 1975

Sunrise from Peace Corps house window.jpg

Utrok Atoll - 1976 & 2002


WW2 Japanese anti-aircraft gun, Wotje Atoll

Wotje Japanese ammo bunker.jpg

WW2 Japanese ammunition bunker, Wotje Atoll

Wotje Japanese bunker WW2 - 1990.jpg

WW2 Japanese bunker, Wotje Atoll

Dennis O' Rourke-NPR-Half LifeArtist Name
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Listen to this POWERFUL 1986 NPR interview with filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke re: "Half Life"

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