"Half Life" [1986] by the legendary late filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke won many film awards.

Kwalok Am Motion - Anrosa Band,

Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Operation Crossroads - Nuclear Test Film (1946)
The making of the atomic bomb
"Atomic Testing in the Marshall Islands" (2008)
Glimpses of Bikini Atoll (2012)
4th Generation Nuclear Weapons
The History of Micronesia
WWII: Battle of the Marshall Islands (1944)
Archival footage - Arrival to Ebon Atoll [M.I.] 1857
"Paradise Lost" by Penelope Fleming (1990), a 13-minute
segment on the Marshall Islands, "Prime Time" ABC-TV [U.S.]
Darlene Keju-Johnson speech before World Council Assembly of Churches, Vancouver, Canada  (1983)
M. I. Journal Editor Giff Johnson on the Pacific Islands Forum (2013)
Bwebwenato in Jōbwa (Part 1):
Marshallese traditional stick dance with Iroij Michael Kabua (2012)
1944 U.S. capture of Roi-Namur, Kwajalein Atoll
"Strategic Trust: The Making of A Nuclear-Free Palau" (1984) by Jim Heddle & Mary Beth Braun
"Don't Ever Whisper" by Darlene Keju with Giff Johnson @ Native Books/ Na Mea Hawaii (2013)
Marshall Islands Journal Team in Action
Bwebwenato in Jōbwa (Part 2):
Marshallese traditional stick dance with Iroij Michael Kabua (2012)
"Jewels of the Pacific" dance practice, Majuro Atoll, RMI (2013)
Dance Show "Jewels of the Pacific," Majuro
(Oct. 2013)
Former Foreign Minister [RMI] testifies before the Intl. Court of Justice at the Hague re: NPT violations by the nine nuclear nations (2014)
Storm Surge + flooding from risiing sea levels,
Majuro, RMI (2011)
Drone flyover video of Majuro's reservoir storing fresh water from the slightly slanted airport runway behind the reservoir that catches rainfall (2015)
Archival video of Japanese fishermen caught in the 1954 "Bravo" fallout near Bikini Atoll
Last interview with the late Masa Attari from Utrik, conducted in Sept. 2011 when Masa was 64 years old
B737 jet landing at Majuro airport, en route from Arizona to Indonesia (2009)
Storm surge from climate change, Majuro (2014)
Atolls of the Pacific (2012)
Japanese remembrance of 60th anniversary of "Bravo" [in 1954], including interviews with remaining crew of the infamous fishing boat "Lucky Dragon"
"Home on the Range" - a documentary about Kwajalein and ballistic missile defense [BMD] by Adam Horowitz [1990]
Trailer for Adam Horowitz's award-winning film "Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1 [2014]
Godzilla 1954: Operation Lucky Dragon
Anthropologist Holly Barker speaking about nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands - 2012
Nuclear Weapons: How Powerful Are Modern Nuclear Weapons?
Atomic vs. Hydrogen Bombs: What's the Difference?
Lae Atoll depends on Reverse Osmosis for its water supply
Top 10 nuclear bomb scenes in movies
Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?
U.S. Soldiers approaching A-Bomb "Smokey,"
Camp Desert Rock, Nevada Test Site, 1957
World's Smallest Nuclear Weapon, The Davy Crockett
"Baker" A-Bomb underwater test, July 1946
Operation Crossroads, Bikini Atoll
10 Times We Came Close To Nuclear War
10 Horrifying Facts About Nuclear Weapons
Where Are the World's Nuclear Weapons Stored?
Chernobyl: The World's Worst Nuclear Disaster
Which Countries Are Currently at War?
Trailer for original 1954 "Godzilla"
 Glimpses of Maloelap Atoll, Marshall Islands (2011)
"On the Beach," the 2007 re-make of the 1959 Nuclear Holocaust Film Based on "Bravo" and the Marshall Islanders. This is Part 1 - Go here for the remaining parts: