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 Marshall Islands & Nuclear Videos 

  A 12-Hour Covid-19 Concert/Conference
August 28, 2020 - Majuro, Marshall Islands


        Marshallese Poet & Author Kathy Jitnel-Kijner
& Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2014 U.N. Climate Summit

   Marshallese Cultural Festival - Springdale, Arkansas 
  [August 7, 2019]  Note:  Of the estimated 50,000 [out      of approx. 100,000 total Marshall Islanders] in
  diasporic communities in the United States, 15,000
  Marshallese live in Springdale, Arkansas

Kwalok Am Motion - Anrosa Band,
Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

The making of the atomic bomb
Glimpses of Bikini Atoll (2012)
Archival footage - Arrival to Ebon Atoll [M.I.] 1857
"Paradise Lost" by Penelope Fleming (1990), a 13-minute
segment on the Marshall Islands, "Prime Time" ABC-TV [U.S.]
Operation Crossroads - Nuclear Test Film (1946)
"Atomic Testing in the Marshall Islands" (2014)
    featuring Foreign Minister
Tony DeBrum
4th Generation Nuclear Weapons
The History of Micronesia
Darlene Keju-Johnson speech before World Council Assembly of Churches, Vancouver, Canada  (1983)
M. I. Journal Editor Giff Johnson on
  the Pacific  Islands Forum (2013)
Bwebwenato in Jōbwa (Part 1): Marshallese traditional stick  dance with Iroijlaplap Michael Kabua (2002)   
   "Jewels of the Pacific" dance practice, Majuro Atoll, RMI (2013)
Kathy Jitnel-Kijner at the U.N. Climate Summit-2014
1944 U.S. capture of Roi-Namur,
        Kwajalein Atoll
The shocking history of the Bikini bathing suit
"Don't Ever Whisper" by Darlene Keju with Giff Johnson @ Native Books/ Na Mea Hawaii (2013)
Former Foreign Minister Tony DeBrum [RMI] testifies before the Intl. Court of Justice at the Hague re: NPT violations by the nine nuclear nations (2014)
Marshall Islands Journal team in action
Storm Surge + flooding from rising
   sea levels,
Majuro, RMI (2011)
Bwebwenato in Jōbwa (Part 2): Marshallese traditional stick dance with Iroijlaplap Michael Kabua (2012)
Drone flyover video of Majuro's reservoir storing fresh water from the slightly slanted airport runway behind the reservoir that catches rainfall (2015)
Dance Show "Jewels of the Pacific," 
(Oct. 2013)  
Archival video of Japanese fishermen caught in
     the 1954 "Bravo" fallout near Bikini Atoll
B737 jet landing at Majuro airport, en route
        from Arizona to Indonesia (2009)

     "Yokwe Bartowe" ["Poor Bartowe"] - An original
      90-minute Marshallese play that premiered on 
"Bravo Remembrance Day" March 1, 2020 in Majuro

  "Na Noniep" ["I Am the Good Fairy"] is the
     first children's play in the Marshallese
             language [Released in 2019]

Last interview with the late Masa Attari from Utrok, conducted in Sept. 2011 when Masa was 64 years old
Storm surge from climate change, Majuro (2014)
Godzilla 1954: Operation Lucky Dragon
Atolls of the Pacific (2012)
Anthropologist Holly Barker speaking about nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands - 2012
Japanese remembrance of 60th anniversary of "Bravo" [in 1954], including interviews with remaining crew of the infamous fishing boat "Lucky Dragon"
Nuclear Weapons: How Powerful Are Modern Nuclear Weapons?
"Home on the Range" - a documentary about Kwajalein and ballistic missile defense [BMD] by Adam Horowitz [1990]
Atomic vs. Hydrogen Bombs: What's the Difference?
Trailer for Adam Horowitz's award-winning film "Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1"  [2014]

Time-lapse video of all nuclear explosions

Lae Atoll depends on Reverse Osmosis for its water supply
"Baker" A-Bomb underwater test, July 1946 Operation Crossroads, Bikini Atoll
Top 10 nuclear bomb scenes in movies
10 Times We Came Close To Nuclear War
Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

10 worst nuclear accidents

The Secret of the Marshall Islands--John Pilger film clip
Chernobyl: The World's Worst Nuclear Disaster
World's Smallest Nuclear Weapon, The Davy Crockett
10 Horrifying Facts About Nuclear Weapons
Which Countries Are Currently at War?
Where Are the World's Nuclear Weapons Stored?
"On the Beach," the 2007 re-make of the 1959 nuclear holocaust film based on "Bravo" and the Marshall Islanders. This is Part 1 - Go here for the remaining parts:

Fallout from Fukushima, Japan

Trailer for original 1954 "Godzilla"
 Glimpses of Maloelap Atoll, Marshall Islands (2011)

Heading 1

Anthropologists Barbara Rose-Johnston & Holly Barker
testifying before a U.N. Human Rights Commission in
Geneva in 2013 on behalf of the Marshall Islanders

U.S. Raid on Marshall Islands - February 1942

History of the Marshall Islands

Nation Fears for its Future - ABC-TV [U.S.]

Short History of the NuclearTests

Marshall Islands - 1949

Dennis O'Rourke's classic 1986 film "Half Life" is THE best film about nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.  [Note:  I worked on the film so I am completely without bias]. This YouTube version has Italian sub-titles but the audio is in EnglishThis rare video begins at 15 minutes in, so please excuse the silly first fifteen minutes of an important video, otherwise unobtainable.

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