2002 Interviews with Downwinders

      from Utrok & Ebeye, Kwajalein

The SoundCloud Interviews on this page are      in English with Marshallese translations

  Kai Erkison, Nelly Aplos &

Councilman Asburn McAvoy

             Utrok 2002


Kai Erikson shmoozing with

Jabor Compoj, Utrok 2002

Kai Erikson testifying as an   expert          witness on behalf of  Utrok before the     Nuclear Claims Tribunal re: Utrok's           $300 million lawsuit against the U.S. for land damage from the nuclear testing     1946-58. Majuro, Marshall Islands 2002.  

Kai Erikson, Councilman Asburn McAvoy & Kioto Jokaj, Utrok 2002

Principal Ruth Ann Matthews, Councilman Asburn McAvoy and Kai Erikson, Ebeye, Kwajalein 2002

Kai Erikson & young girl, Utrok 

      Protestant church 2002         

Dennis O' Rourke-NPR-Half LifeArtist Name
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Listen to this POWERFUL 1986 NPR interview with filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke re: "Half Life"

This website is designed to give voice to the people of the Republic of the Marshall Islands [RMI] who have firsthand knowledge - in their bodies and DNA, in their memories and permanently in their atolls - of thermonuclear weapons and their destruction, having been at the receiving end of the United States' "foreign policy."

AtomicAtolls.org's primary mission is to provide a repository of the unfiltered history of the relationship between the U.S. and RMI through an archive of audio interviews [in both Marshallese and English*] on SoundCloud (previously unavailable to the public) and photographs of downwind Marshall Islanders who were caught in the radioactive fallout from the 67 atomic & hydrogen thermonuclear bombs detonated at Bikini and Enewetak Atolls between 1946-58.


In addition to these rare and powerful interviews conducted between 1981 and 2002 [by Glenn Alcalay & Kai Erikson], numerous unclassified U.S. government documents, U.N. testimonies, NGO reports, and other educational materials regarding nuclear testing issues in the Marshall Islands will also be made available to the public.  Lastly, a large archive of videos and documentary films about the Nuclear Age, from the Manhattan Project to Weapons in Space will be made available.

Our website is dedicated to aolep dri-Majol, people of the Marshall Islands - especially the youth - and all of the glorious people who reside on our dear Mother Earth.  If there is a theme or a meme that truly captures the character and the spirit of this website, it is this:  America nuked the Gentle People.

Glenn Alcalay

Peace Corps Volunteer, Utrok Atoll 1975-1977

Jeramman wot!

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Glenn Alcalay & Andrew Fuchs


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