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 Interviews & Music 

A one-hour interview with the legendary Lijon Eknilang of Rongelap recounting   her experiences with "Bravo"(Courtesy  of the Marshall Islands Story Project)

A one-hour interview with Senator Tomaki  Juda of Bikini recounting his experiences with "Bravo" (Courtesy of the Marshall        Islands Story Project)

Anthropologist Glenn Alcalay & Sociologist Kai Erikson interviewed Marshall Islanders who   witnessed and lived through the U.S. nuclear testing program. These MP3 Sound Cloud audio interviews have been previously unavailable to the public. These interviews were recorded in 1981, 1985, 1990-91, and 2002 in the Marshall Islands.

Aisen Tima - Rongelap-Rainbow Warrior -

Schoolteacher Aisen Tima saying goodbye    
to Rongelap during "Operation  Exodus" with  Greenpeace's "Rainbow  Warrior" - May 1985 


       Interviews with

       downwinders from:

       Ailuk & Mejit

       Ujae & Jaluit


       Mili & Namdrik

 Rojmi Katwon - Utrok - 1975 

kai + girl for site.jpg

           Kai Erikson & friend         

 Utrok Protestant Church - 2002 

"A-bomb damage, then, is so complex and extensive that it cannot be reduced to any single characteristic or problem.  It must be seen overall, as an inter-related array – massive physical and human loss, social disintegration, and psychological and spiritual shock – that affects all life and society.  Only then can one grasp the seriousness of its total impact on the biological systems that sustain life and health, on the social systems that enable people to live and work together, and on the mental functions that hold these two dimensions in integrated unity.  The essence of atomic destruction lies in the totality of its impact on man and society and on all the systems that affect their mutual continuation."

 - Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Physical, Medical and Social Effects of the Atomic Bombings by the
  Committee on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. 1981. Basic Books.

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music 2.jpg
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Only if you Dare!!!  Listen to this 6-minute 1986 NPR interview with world-     renownerd Australian filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke about his film "Half Life"   concerning the enigmas and controversy surrounding the "accidental" wind shifts for the 1954 H-bomb behemoth called "Bravo," at 1,000 times the size  of the Hiroshima A-bomb.

Dennis O' Rourke-NPR-Half LifeArtist Name
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