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 A marathon 12-hour music/conference on COVID-19 in Majuro, Marshall Islands; August 28, 2020

 Yokwe Bartowe" ["Poor Bartowe"] - An original 90-
 minute Marshallese play that premiered on "Bravo 
      Remembrance Day" March 1, 2020 in Majuro

  "Na Noniep" ["I Am the Good Fairy"] is the first
     children's play in the Marshallese
                      [Released in 2019]

Acclaimed poet and activist, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, explores the nuclear testing

legacy of the Marshall Islands through the legends and stories of Runit Island.

        Go here for Kathy's website:


The "Tomb" on Runit Island, Enewetak Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands.  The Tomb consists of 73,000 cubic meters of contaminated soil from previous nuclear tests. A colonel  from the Pentagon overseeing the project told Glenn Alcalay in 1980 "there is communication between the dome and the lagoon"

                                                 U P D A T E!
While the world has been watching the nasty and dangerous "Tomb" on Runit, it has been known that the REAL radioactive threat at Enewetak is not the "Tomb," but rather the tons of radioactive topsoil bulldozed into the lagoon during the 1970s "clean up" operation at Enewetak utilizing four thousand men - aka "atomic veterans" who were exposed to radiation during the operation.
Go here for an
astute article in the N.Y. Times by renowned law professor Michael Gerrard, who visited the "Tomb" in 2010:


Statement by Ms. Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Civil Society Representative from the

Marshall Islands at the opening of the United Nations Climate Summit 2014.

   A provocative "speak truth to power" video poem. Written and performed by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. Cameramen: Russell Thoulag & Otis Aisek. Editor: Yu Suenaga

Dennis O'Rourke's classic 1985 film "Half Life" is THE best film about nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.  [Note:  I worked on the film so I am completely without bias]. This YouTube version has Italian sub-titles but the audio is in EnglishThis rare video begins at 15 minutes in, so please excuse the silly first fifteen minutes of an important video, otherwise unobtainable.

The YouTube link to the classic 1959 film "On the Beach" based on the Australian author Nevil Shute's 1957 book of the same title.  Shute based his novel on the "Bravo" fallout and the exposed downwinders in the Marshall Islands three years previously.
Personal note:  When Glenn Alcalay was 10 years old and saw "On the Beach" on TV, he could not sleep that night fearful of a nuclear war during the height of the Cold War, when people in the U.S. were building bomb shelters.  Coincidentally, fifteen years later when Glenn applied to the Peace Corps, he was sent to the very place that was the inspiration for Nevil Shute's book made into the movie that kept him awake all night when he was 10.  Funny that . . .

This 13-minute video "Paradise Lost" was produced in 1990 by ABC-TV [U.S.] and encapsulates the important issues and themes from this website

This 4-minute video from 2013 features Sen. Jeton Anjain, his decision to move his people in 1985, and his receiving the prestigious Goldman Prize


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Listen to this  POWERFUL  6-minute NPR interview

          with Dennis O'Rourke re: "Half Life"                 

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