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 1990-1991 Interviews with people
  from Jaluit, Ujae, Mili, Ailuk, Wotje,
    Mejit, Namdrik, Likiep & Mejato

The SoundCloud interviews on this page are in Marshallese only

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 Mejit Island (Ejelok iar, jerata!) 

Mejit 157.jpg

Mejit Island

Mili aerial.jpg

Mili Atoll

Mili thatch house - 1990.jpg

Mili Island

Namdrik - 1991.jpg

Namdrik Village

Namdrik black pearls.jpg

 Black pearls cultured  
in the Namdrik lagoon

Jaluit thatched house.jpg

Traditional thatch house, Jaluit Atoll

Jaluit -Langhans1897_map_Jaluit3.jpg

German map of Jaluit, circa 1885


Jaluit today


Catholic church, Likiep Atoll


Ailuk Atoll

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Dennis O' Rourke-NPR-Half LifeArtist Name
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Listen to this POWERFUL 1986 NPR interview with filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke re: "Half Life"

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