Who We Are

Glenn Alcalay

Co-Founder, AtomicAtolls.org

Peace Corps Volunteer

Professor of Anthropology

Glenn is a former Peace Corps volunteer on Utrok Atoll (1975-77) and is currently Assoc. Professor of Anthropology [adj] at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY and William Paterson University of NJ. Glenn was an advisor for the Nuclear Claims Tribunal, testified numerous times before the U.N. on behalf of the Marshallese, and has written articles for CounterPunch, The Ecologist, the Nation, and more.


Glenn resides in Washington Heights, NYC

Andrew A. Fuchs

Co-founder & Webmaster, AtomicAtolls.org

Street Photographer

Andrew Fuchs is a graduate of William Paterson University, a NYC based street photographer and a renegade from corporate America. Formally educated in business, he has since left his corporate life and is creating a new identity for himself in the NYC street photography and arts communities.

You can see his work on his Instagram at @AndrewFox718

Andrew resides in Woodside, Queens NYC.

Kai Erikson



Kai  is a world-renowned sociologist and author, and is the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Sociology and American Studies at Yale University. He served as the 76th president of the American Sociological Association. He also worked with Glenn Alcalay on a research visit to RMI in 2002, and can be heard in some of our interview clips.

You can keep up to date on Kai's work on AtomicAtolls, and here: https://sociology.yale.edu/people/kai-erikson

Kai resides in Hamden, CT

Click on the thumbnail below for a 13-minute video "Paradise Lost" by ABC-TV [U.S.] which summarizes many of the issues covered on this website:

This 4-minute video features former Sen. Jeton Anjain and a more contemporary version of life and challenges in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

And if you dare . . .

Dennis O'Rourke.jpg

The late Dennis O'Rourke was a giant among         documentary filmmakers whose films documented  the lives of indigenous peoples in the Asia-Pacific   region. His 1991 "The Good Woman of Bangkok"    won many intl. awards. From "The Shark Callers of Kontu" and "Cannibal Tours" to "Cunnamulla" and   "Land Mines: A Love Story," O'Rourke set a high    standard for documentary filmmaking.  I had the    pleasure of working with O'Rourke in the making   of his important 1986 film about the 1954 "BravoH-bomb and the questions surrounding the            "accidental" wind shifts that caused massive         radiological damage to downwind populations and atolls.  Here is a YouTube link to "Half Life" which is in English (with Greek subtitles)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTrkelQZ_ng    

1945 - 2013

Listen to this 1986 NPR interview with Dennis O'Rourke as he talks about his film "Half  Life" about the enigmas surrounding the 1954 "Bravo" H-bomb test at Bikini Atoll        

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