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 Misc. Government and Private Documents 

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Click here to watch Rep. Katie Porter [D/CA] give a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives urging the United States to issue an apology to the people of the Marshall Islands for the ongoing legacy of nuclear weapons testing:


                            Several Small Island States have just signed the visionary Nadi Bay

                             Declaration concerning the Climate Crisis severely affecting them:

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And here:

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Note:  In 1975 Glenn Alcalay was a first year Peace Corps volunteer on Utrok Atoll in the Marshall Islands.  Alcalay was seeking legal advice about a possible class action lawsuit against the U.S. government for damages stemming from the nuclear tests at Bikini and  Enewetak between 1946-58. Having written a letter seeking advice from world-renowned UC Berkeley anthropologist Laura Nader [older sister of Ralph Nader], Alcalay never       received a reply.  Until 45 years later when the 1975 letter was published in Laura           Nader's new book:  Click here for the PDF file

Congress of Micro 1973 Report on BRAVO

Rongelap Documents 1961


Marshall Islands-A Chronology-AEC


Interview w/ John Anjain-Rongelap-1982


Bravo Anti-Nuke petition 1954


Project 4.1-October 1954


BRAVO and today-Tony deBrum


Rongelap Public Mtg Feb 1961


NYT 1982 article on Bravo


AEC 1957 Rongelap Status


1958 N-Test Protests-Golden Rule


Bikini-The Ecologist [UK]-1981

RMI-The Ecologist [UK]-1981


1980 Ltrs. re: Enewetak re-settlement


Bikini decision-2007


Barker+Rose-Johnston Rong. Rpt-2002


Lucky Dragon Medical Report Oct. 1954


Marshallese protesting AEC 1972


Lucky Dragon Med Rpt-1954


Iroij Michael Kabua Rongelap Ltr to Pres.


Iroij Michael Kabua Ltr to Congress


Lucky Dragon-Rongerik A-Vets


Lucky Dragon Autopsy Rpt.-1954


Cultural Survival-Marshalls-1984


AEC to Resume RMI Study-1962


Micronesian Support Cmte. - 1979

Bravo-Castle weather report-1954


Giff Johnson-Bravo 56th Observance


Adam Horowitz-Nuclear Savage film


Atomic Vets in Marshalls DNA report


Utrik Final Award-$304 million


Marshall Islands articles


Anthropology News- Marshalls


Rongelap photos--barbara-glenn-holly-giff


Micro Support Cmte-Nuke Victims-1979


Michael Kabua Statement-2010

Trad. Agriculture in RMI

Bravo Day-2010


Rose-Johnston-Barker book-Nuclear War Rongelap


Utrik-Bakal ltr to Dr. Conard 1977


Rongelap Award


Utrik Land Use Chart--1977


IFEU Utrik Final Rpt.-2002


Marshallese Language Book


Utrik Village Chart-1977

Dennis O' Rourke-NPR-Half LifeArtist Name
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Listen to this POWERFUL 1986 NPR interview with Dennis O'Rourke re: "Half Life"

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