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                            Several Small Island States have just signed the visionary Nadi Bay

                             Declaration concerning the Climate Crisis severely affecting them:

Go here:   https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/visionary-document-small-island-nations-declare-climate-crisis-pacific

And here:    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cbSloYVSuY4mIZnUUC5ISpZUaV3NTb2y/view

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Note:  In 1975 Glenn Alcalay was a first year Peace Corps volunteer on Utrok Atoll in the Marshall Islands.  Alcalay was seeking legal advice about a possible class action lawsuit against the U.S. government for damages stemming from the nuclear tests at Bikini and  Enewetak between 1946-58. Having written a letter seeking advice from world-renowned UC Berkeley anthropologist Laura Nader [older sister of Ralph Nader], Alcalay never       received a reply.  Until 45 years later when the 1975 letter was published in Laura           Nader's new book:  Click here for the PDF file

Congress of Micro 1973 Report on BRAVO

Rongelap Documents 1961


Marshall Islands-A Chronology-AEC


Interview w/ John Anjain-Rongelap-1982


Bravo Anti-Nuke petition 1954


Project 4.1-October 1954


BRAVO and today-Tony deBrum


Rongelap Public Mtg Feb 1961


NYT 1982 article on Bravo


AEC 1957 Rongelap Status


1958 N-Test Protests-Golden Rule


Bikini-The Ecologist [UK]-1981

RMI-The Ecologist [UK]-1981


1980 Ltrs. re: Enewetak re-settlement


Bikini decision-2007


Barker+Rose-Johnston Rong. Rpt-2002


Lucky Dragon Medical Report Oct. 1954


Marshallese protesting AEC 1972


Lucky Dragon Med Rpt-1954


Iroij Michael Kabua Rongelap Ltr to Pres.


Iroij Michael Kabua Ltr to Congress


Lucky Dragon-Rongerik A-Vets


Lucky Dragon Autopsy Rpt.-1954


Cultural Survival-Marshalls-1984


AEC to Resume RMI Study-1962


Micronesian Support Cmte. - 1979

Bravo-Castle weather report-1954


Giff Johnson-Bravo 56th Observance


Adam Horowitz-Nuclear Savage film


Atomic Vets in Marshalls DNA report


Utrik Final Award-$304 million


Marshall Islands articles


Anthropology News- Marshalls


Rongelap photos--barbara-glenn-holly-giff


Micro Support Cmte-Nuke Victims-1979


Michael Kabua Statement-2010

Trad. Agriculture in RMI

Bravo Day-2010


Rose-Johnston-Barker book-Nuclear War Rongelap


Utrik-Bakal ltr to Dr. Conard 1977


Rongelap Award


Utrik Land Use Chart--1977


IFEU Utrik Final Rpt.-2002


Marshallese Language Book


Utrik Village Chart-1977

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Listen to this POWERFUL 1986 NPR interview with Dennis O'Rourke re: "Half Life"